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CIMA Mentor Match Me

Our mentoring scheme aims to help our members with their career growth and development by matching those looking for a career mentor with suitable mentors.

However it's much more than that. It's a learning and development toolkit built upon the twin foundations of mentoring and e-learning, which support a wide range of learning and development resources. All accessible from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, irrespective of manufacturer and operating system.
The resources include:

  1. The Mentor Match Me Guide to Mentoring
  2. The Journey
  3. Learning Diary
  4. Learning Resources

Members can achieve significant benefits by being matched to a mentor.

How Mentoring Can Benefit Members

  1. Studies show that professionals who have a mentor earn more annually than those who don't and 75% of interviewed executives say mentoring has played a key role in their careers.
  2. Receive independent advice about your expectations and career plan.
  3. Help to develop the capabilities and skills needed to succeed in a dynamic global economy.
  4. Help in identifying your strengths, weaknesses and the best way to use these in your career.
  5. You will get insight into the different routes you could take to achieve your career goals.
  6. Develop knowledge of discipline-related and non-technical skills.
  7. You will be able to access support, professional development, guidance and networking opportunites.
  8. Overcome challenges with the support of a mentor who has been through the same experiences.

How Mentoring Can Benefit Mentors

  1. Develop your coaching and mentoring skills.
  2. Pass on your experience as an employer or employee whilst broadening your own experience
  3. Enable others to benefit from your industry knowledge, communication and leadership skills
  4. Achieve the satisfaction of helping others enhance their career development strategies
  5. Develop a new perspective on your professional and personal experiences
  6. Experience the satisfaction from helping others to overcome challenges
  7. The opportunity to develop new skills through the process of "Reverse Mentoring".
  8. Networking opportunities with fellow members

How does it work?

Click on the link to create an account and follow the instructions. Once your account has been set up you will be prompted to complete a profile form, which will enable mentors and mentees to be matched based on areas of common interest and experience. Once matched we recommend our mentors and mentees meet (Face to face or via an online meeting facility) for a couple of hours per month.
This site contains a wealth of resources and tools to help mentees and mentors in their mentoring relationship.

Please note: Some mentors may charge a nominal fee for their time

Mentor Match Me